Jul 9, 2022

eCommerce Management for 187 Collective

Just Like Papa and its affiliated stores are run under the importer and distributor 187 Collective. The other stores include two flagship stores for the international brands, MiiR and Fjällräven.

Project Details

eCommerce and Website Managemet

Just Like Papa, Fjällräven, and MiiR

I worked with the company for over two years fine-tuning their POS and eCommerce systems, as well as managing the content and products for the online store interfaces. During my time there I worked with various design, marketing, and SEO agencies including Studio Malvah, Bellwether Brand Workshop, Correlate Digital, and Search Kings.

My role included managing front-end developers and designers, overseeing website builds, implementing marketing and SEO campaigns, assisting in content strategy and implementation as well as fulfilling web administration roles.

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