In an age where half the world’s net wealth is owned by 1% of its population, our society has driven us to the idea that we must get ahead at all costs. Together with rampant consumerism, we are taught to stop at nothing as we strive to have more. Having the most or the best has become a key metric in which we value ourselves and our lives. This carries over into how we interact with other people, where and how we place them on a value scale and who we decide to associate with. We conduct ourselves in a manner dictated by what others are able to offer us. We use and abuse in favour of our own gain.

I don’t know about you, but this is no society I want to be a part of. Where is the fulfilment in stepping on the heads of every trusting mind? Where is the innovation in draining the wells of knowledge from those who cannot afford a platform of their own? Where will we find beauty once every creative vein has been mined dry?

I aim to revolutionise the way we work together, the way we do business and the way we interact with our peers and potential clients. There is so much more to life than money and power. We have the potential to uplift each other. Together we can enable our wildest dreams and empower the ideas that will usher in the change we so desperately need. Through collaboration and contribution, we can make this our reality. The combined wealth of knowledge is worth more than any king’s gold. Together we will be beautiful.

In my journey through various industries, I have come to value the following key priorities:

sharing resourcesoverchasing market share
collaboration and contributionovercontract negotiation
individuals and interactionsoverpolicy and legislation
inclusive solutionsovercomprehensive documentation
agile adaptationoverfollowing a plan

This is not to say that I am against the items on the right. To paraphrase the manifesto for agile development, “While there is value in the items on the right, I value the items on the left more.”